04 March 2009

life is beaUTAHiful

Park City, Utah
Approx. 1,865 miles from home
February 26- March 5

So this week we are in Utah!  It's actually a really beautiful state... especially where we are in Park City.

We arrived in Utah on Thursday night. The front desk clerk at our hotel is ridiculously friendly and said he would clip some coupons for us for some good restaurants in the area! :) He also hooked us up with rooms that have jacuzzis in them (pretty sweet, even though I haven’t used it yet).

This week we are setting up at the bottom of the mountain.  There aren't any events going on, we are just talking to people around the slopes.  

On Saturday morning we had to be set up by 8 a.m.  It's February, as you know.... and at 6:30 a.m. when we arrived at our event site it was 5 degrees- yes FIVE degrees outside!!  Setting up metal poles in five degree weather is borderline torturous!  But luckily we survived :)

Utah has a lot more to offer than I expected! ....Now we are getting to the good part....

So when I found out that you can Bobsled at the Olympic Park in Utah of course I HAD to do it!!  I mean, come on... who do you know personally thats ever been in a bobsled? No one.
And when will I ever have this opportunity again?  Maybe never, who knows!?

So I forked over the cash (it was pretty pricey) and prepared for a once in a lifetime ride!  They had a deal going on that if I bought a zipline ride along with my bobsled ticket it would be cheaper than just the bobsled ride so I figured I might as well do both!

They claim that their zipline is the steepest in the world.  Not sure if it's true!?  The zipline was more of a relaxing ride.... kind of like if you've ever been parasailing.  You think parasailing looks exciting from the ground but when you actually get up in the air you find out that you're just floating along and there's not much of a thrill!  The best part about the zipline was the view... it's was absolutely incredible!!

So after my zipline relaxation treatment was over I was ready for my bobsled ride.  We sat in a room for about 30 min watching an Olympic video.... it was actually really interesting but everyone in the room was too anxious for the ride to focus on the tv!  There were probably about 30 people who were all doing it on the same day as me. 

I ended up being in a bobsled with two other people, Linda from New York and Don from Chattanooga.  And then of course we had to have someone to steer!  Our driver was an alternate in the winter Olympics but never got to compete.  He seemed like a cool guy!

The actual ride was short- about 1 minute long but definitely very intense at 80 mph with 5 Gs of force in an open sled! It was very cool!  I'm so glad I did it.... and if you're ever in Park City you should definitely do the bobsled too!  It makes for a lot of Cool Runnings references!

The next USA Bobsled team!

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme

Someone doing the luge (not me)

Also while in Park City we spotted a vehicle identical to ours.... It was the mountain team, Ray and Stacy!  This is the first team that we've met up with while on tour.  They weren't one of the teams we trained with but it's always fun to meet up with anybody else while on the road!

So we all went out to dinner together and then went to a fun place to hear a band play.  This place was so cool and they had hula hoops you could play with!!!   If you know how I feel about hula hoops then you can imagine my excitement!!  If you don't know how I feel about hula hoops.... let me just say, once I hula hooped for an entire hour without stopping!!  It's soooo much fun!

Then the next couple days we hung out with Stacy and Ray a good bit.  Ray and Matt both love snowboarding so they had a dude date and went riding together.  Stacy and I had relaxation day.  We both did nothing all day... and it was great!

Also while I was in Park City my best friend, Jennifer turned the big 2-3!  It's sad because in our 5ish years of friendship this is the first birthday that we haven't celebrated together.... I know, wipe your tears away.... it was traumatic.  

me and jenn, circa last year

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