26 February 2009

the land of fur boots, coats and hats....

Vail, Colorado
Approx. 1,495 miles from home

My shoulder is broken.

Ok, not really but it definitely feels like it! Yesterday Matt and I went snowboarding in Vail. We had a lot of fun but of course I am ridiculously sore! I've been snowboarding once before but that was forever ago!At first I was doing great and may have gotten a little too confident. Then all of the sudden I found myself doing a forward roll down the mountain.... I kinda wish I had a video of my fall. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty sick. After that I was a little more cautious and didn't test my limits as much. I wish I was naturally amazing at snowboarding but unfortunately it looks like I have quite a bit of work cut out for myself in that area!

Nonetheless it was a good day. Matt is a little more experienced than I so we ro
de seperate.... which was definitely for the best since I would have held him back.

We are staying at the Vail Mountain Marriot, which is incredibly fancy! It's normally very expensive but thanks to my old bell hall friend, Stephen Molnar, we got a great friends and family discount! It's awesome because our rooms happen to be right at the base of the mountain, which is where our events are this week. Plus,the beds are so comfortable... it's like sleeping on a cloud!

The event that we are working here is CarniVail. It's like a Mardi Gras celebration. The weather was actually a little crapy for the event. It's Vail- so you would naturally assume it would snow.... but no- it rained!! And we found out the hard way that the 'rain guard' our company gave us is actually more of a 'wind guard' and has no protection against rain! Notice the picture below...

Pretty much everyday we've eaten at a nearby pizza place called the Blue Moose. It has really good food and it's cheap. I've also discovered a nearby gelato shop.... and I'm addicted to their stracciatella (which is chocolate chip gelato...and it's amazing!) So most meals at the Blue Moose are followed by a trip to Rimini for gelato!

Matt loves the Blue Moose

It feels like we've been here for a while now... 5 days total. That's pretty long considering how short our other visits have been. But duty calls and we must continue onto Utah!!

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