01 February 2009

chi town

Sorry, it's been a while since I have written on here but things got very busy very quickly!!

So I guess I will just try to hit the main parts from the last week...

We were in Chicago from Sunday till Thursday. Then we drove to Wisconsin Thursday night and stayed there until yesterday.

Training all day (like I said in my last post) Then that night we went out to the Rush/Divison area in Chicago. We went to an irish pub then to a dance club for a fashion show. Unfortunately we left before the show started but it was so cool to see the models and the place where we were was really neat. Oh an I met my first transvestite on stilts… haha. wow.

Stilts... interesting.

This was a GREAT day!! We kicked off tuesday with a scavenger hunt!! We had to find places all around the city like Buckingham Fountain, the Bean, 5 hotels, 5 schools, etc. And we had to use our new Verizon Wireless devices to take pictures and videos to send back to Marketing Werks. It was great to see a little more of Chicago outside of our hotel and the office.

Yes, it was cold… but not too terribly bad. I think the temperature today was a high of 20 degrees (apparently a huge improvement from last week)! Oh and my team totally rocked the scavenger hunt... we won Starbucks giftcards! It was Alison, Chad, Melissa and me.

Then the rest of the day was pretty good too. We had some phone training, Rhapsody training and we got to know our partners a little better.

Tuesday night was pretty low key. We went to eat at a place called Emerald Loop. It was delicious!

This was a very long day... we had a trainer come from Verizon to teach us about all of the products and services. We thought that it would be a boring day but it was really informative and our trainer was very engaging!!

That night we went to play WhirleyBall with everyone, including the office people. It's really great that Marketing Werks is a very young company- everyone is in their twenties and early thirties. So had a blast together!!

If you don't know what WhirleyBall is... you are deprived and have not truly lived yet. WhirleyBall is what happens when bumper cars, basketball and lacrosse all get together and have an amazingly handsome baby... i'm talking cuter than Surie Cruise or Harlow Madden.

And... might I add that I killed at WhirleyBall... if it were an Olympic sport I would be on the team and USA would be Gold Medalist. Kirby, Travis and I basically are the dream threesome in this highly competitive and challenging sport.

Then after two hours of intense WhirleyBall madness we went to Howl at the Moon. Which was a really cool piano bar. We requested some pretty sweet jams... come on eileen...great balls of fire... and even single ladies. We all hung out and even made a stage appearance for single ladies :)

I was pretty tired so I called it a night but I wish I would have stayed out because 6 of the other people we were with got a ride in a paddy wagon to a diner!! My taxi ride back to the hotel just didn't compare to the awesomeness of convincing cops to take a group to a late night diner in the paddy wagon!! jealous.

This was another intense Verizon training day along with Motorola and BlackBerry Storm training.

Then we all packed into mini vans and headed to Wisconsin....

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