26 January 2009

hard rockin' it

First day of training down… and a lot has happened!

When we got to Chicago yesterday we took a shuttle into the city to our hotel. It is AMAZING!! We are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel (very snazzy).

When we walked in the Hard Rock we were starving!! There were a few others here... so all 6 of us went to dinner at Giordano’s. We ordered a deep dish pizza with Canadian bacon and pepperoni (not normally my favorite but it was good and my first Chicago style pizza experience). We were SOOO full!

Then when we got back to the hotel there were 5 others sitting in the lobby. We all sat down and got to know each other. We talked and played Never Have I Ever (always a fun game). Of course it’s an awesome group that we are training with since we are all very outgoing and fun people!!

There are 7 teams total (14 people) that are training together. Some are going to the South Area, West Area, NorthEast Area and MidWest. Me and Matt definitely got the best tour since we are on the HQ Rover.

HQ Rover means that we will be going all over the country to various events, whereas the other teams will be in one area.

Shanley is my roommate here at the hotel. She has been interning in the Marketing Werks office and is now going on tour. She is from Wisconsin and her partner, Sean is from Michigan.

The other teams are:
Jamie (Iowa) & Chad (Blue Ridge)
Christi (LA) & Jared (Chicago)
Kirby (Chicago) & Travis (Texas)
Michelle (Chicago) & Allison (Chicago)
Melissa (Chicago/Miami) & Hector (Texas)

About 5 of the people here have already been on tour before so it’s nice to be able to get advice from them about places to go and things that are very helpful!

This is such an amazing adventure that I am about to embark on and I can’t hardly wait. Although I will miss everyone that we are training with but hopefully we will all meet up somewhere on the road!

25 January 2009

flight to the windy city

I’m trying to be good about posting on here… so here is post #2! yay.

And so my adventure has begun… currently I am on my flight to Chicago!! Going through the airport today wasn’t a problem at all… no security stopping me- everything was smooth sailing. When I got to my gate I met up with two other guys who are working with Marketing Werks also, Chad and Matthew! Chad is from Blue Ridge and will be working on the Midwest team. Matt is my partner and had a connecting flight from Houston to Atlanta. So it was good to meet both of them and get to know each other a little.

They are both really friendly and easy to talk to. I can’t wait to get to Chicago to meet everyone else! I’m sure we’ll have a great group for training. And I think Matthew and I will have a great year together. It’s so crazy to think that we will be traveling and working together everyday for the next year (and also very excited at the same time)!

When I got on my plane I decided to do a little reading. Since I did not bring any magazines or books (I meant to bring Twilight but I forgot it on the table *insert sigh) I picked up the Airtran Magazine, Sky Mall. Basically it’s a catalog of absurd items that no one really ‘needs.’ As I am looking at the ridiculous items in this catalog I wonder who would actually buy this stuff… then I turned the page to find this amazing litter box…

Wow, amazing. Who would buy this (Buff- I think Roscoe would love it!)

And this Yetti sculpture… hiliarious!

Thank you to AirTran for some entertainment on my flight!

the first of many...

So, ladies and gentlemen... here is my first blog post!  It is almost 3 a.m. and I have nothing packed in my suitcase!  What can I say, I work well at the last minute and under pressure.  (The under pressure part will come tomorrow at around noon when my dad starts to worry if I will even make it to the airport on time and I am scrambling to get everything squeezed into my suitcase!)

I have been working hard today to get packed but there's a lot more that goes into all of this than just throwing a few outfits together... we're talking almost a whole year's worth of clothing.... yikes!  Plus I had to do some laundry and tidy up things so I don't leave my room a mess for my parents to look at for the next year.

... slowly, but surely it is coming together.  I really think at this point that I need to go to bed and get some rest so I can wake up and finish in the morning!

But first, I suppose I should fill everyone in on why I am starting this blog... I have a new job beginning on Monday!!  I am so excited about it!!  I will be working, or should I say 'werking' for a company called Marketing Werks, which is based in Chicago.  So tomorrow I fly to Chicago, Illinois for training and then I drive to New Berlin, Wisconsin for more training.  After training I will be doing promotions for Verizon Wireless all around the country for this whole year until November!!  (yes I know, total dream job)

I figured a blog would be the best way to stay in touch with my friends and family so everyone knows what's going on in my life!  

.... but for now I think it's time for me to call it a night, so to say goodnight I bid you ado with this song (thanks to Awad and Wyclef Jean).....

'See you must understand, I can't work a nine to five... so I'll be gone till November, said I'll be gone till November...
January, February, March, April, May.... I see you cryin' but girl I can't stay....'