26 January 2009

hard rockin' it

First day of training down… and a lot has happened!

When we got to Chicago yesterday we took a shuttle into the city to our hotel. It is AMAZING!! We are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel (very snazzy).

When we walked in the Hard Rock we were starving!! There were a few others here... so all 6 of us went to dinner at Giordano’s. We ordered a deep dish pizza with Canadian bacon and pepperoni (not normally my favorite but it was good and my first Chicago style pizza experience). We were SOOO full!

Then when we got back to the hotel there were 5 others sitting in the lobby. We all sat down and got to know each other. We talked and played Never Have I Ever (always a fun game). Of course it’s an awesome group that we are training with since we are all very outgoing and fun people!!

There are 7 teams total (14 people) that are training together. Some are going to the South Area, West Area, NorthEast Area and MidWest. Me and Matt definitely got the best tour since we are on the HQ Rover.

HQ Rover means that we will be going all over the country to various events, whereas the other teams will be in one area.

Shanley is my roommate here at the hotel. She has been interning in the Marketing Werks office and is now going on tour. She is from Wisconsin and her partner, Sean is from Michigan.

The other teams are:
Jamie (Iowa) & Chad (Blue Ridge)
Christi (LA) & Jared (Chicago)
Kirby (Chicago) & Travis (Texas)
Michelle (Chicago) & Allison (Chicago)
Melissa (Chicago/Miami) & Hector (Texas)

About 5 of the people here have already been on tour before so it’s nice to be able to get advice from them about places to go and things that are very helpful!

This is such an amazing adventure that I am about to embark on and I can’t hardly wait. Although I will miss everyone that we are training with but hopefully we will all meet up somewhere on the road!

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  1. Sounds fun so far!! It sounds like "The Real World"... haha.. love the blog.