02 February 2009

say cheeeese!

So, yeah... Wisconsin... pretty much what I pictured it to be... not much happenin'

Luckily we have an awesome group so no matter where we are we have fun together!

We got to Wisconsin on Thursday night and went out to dinner at B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings). We didn't really do anything else. But I love the group that I am training with... everyone is so fun to hang out with!

We had a lot of training to still go over. The reason we went to Wisconsin was to have our vehicle training and learn to set up our event sites.

So pretty much all day we spent learning to hook up our trailer and other driving pointers. For dinner we went out to eat in smaller groups. I went with my partner, Matt, our coordinator and the northeast team. We had sushi and it was sooo good!

Nothing too exciting... sorry for the boring play by play!

Nope, still not a day off! We had more driver training and worked a lot with our event site.

Then on Saturday night we went to watch the UFC match at Champps... I have officially decided that I don't really like fighting! I just couldn't get into it and it made me kinda sad to watch people get hurt that bad!

Then we just went back to the 'ol holiday inn express and hung out playing catchphrase and other games!

Yesterday we worked for a few hours then packed our trailers and left Wisconsin. I was so sad to have to leave everyone. Luckily we are in the HQRover, which means that we will travel all over and hopefully get to see the other teams along the way!

We were lucky enough to stop at Mars Cheese Castle on our way out of Wisconsin. (I know you're all jealous) It looked like it was going to be cool- but do not be deceived... if you go to Wisconsin it is indeed not as neat as you think! It was just a gift shop with a fancy name. So that kicked off our first drive of the year! We drove all day Monday until we got to Louisville, Ky.

Then we woke this morning and are currently in the car driving to atl for the night!! Yay... I get to spend a night at home already!

I miss you all so much... but this is seriously such an amazing experience!

Matt and I are on our way to Daytona... we have 3 days to get there for the Budwieser Shootout!! It'll be exciting to get going on our first event!

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