07 February 2009

race fans and flea markets...

Oh Daytona..... we arrived on Wednesday night, very hungry and excited to be in warm weather!

Thursday was a maintenance day for us.  So we had to go shopping for things we need and review important information that we learned during training week.  Lauren, our coordinator met us in Daytona to help us get started and guide us along for the first few events.

We actually didn't set up our event site in Daytona.  We were originally supposed to be at the Budweiser Shootout.  But it didn't work out, so on Friday we did guerilla marketing.  This is when we find a location with a good number of people and we talk to them about our products and services.

We decided to go to the race track, where fans were hanging around and we also went to a Flea Market nearby.

haha... this was a rack of t-shirts at the Flea Market... not 'On Sale,' not just 'Cheap'- these shirts are 'Damn Cheap'- love it!

These are some guys that we spoke to at the Flea Market.  They like to call themselves 'Nascarnies' because they travel from race to race!

Our sweet ride!

Verizon Wireless.. what, what!!

This is us talking to some people at the race track.

It is, of course intimidating to go up to strangers and talk to them about Verizon Wireless.  But once you get past the pain of rejection it becomes much easier :)

It would have been nice to have a tent set up at the Budweiser Shootout but it just didn't work out.  So Veal- you don't really have anything to be jealous of... we didn't actually get to do much with the race!  :)  But I did think about you and your NASCAR love while I was in Daytona!

It was a good time but gotta keep it movin'... now onto Miami!!

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