21 February 2009

dino bones, rocks and beer

I know, I know... I've been horrible about updating my blog! But things got pretty hectic and the blog was at the bottom of my to do list. But never fear I am deifnitely going to update you on my life for the last couple weeks! In one word.... it's been AMAZING!

We arrived in Colorado late Tuesday night (Feb 17). Luckily Matt has family that lives in Golden, Co. So we were able to stay with his great aunt and uncle in their beautiful mountain home.  We had three days without an event scheduled so we took advantage of this time and did some sightseeing!

So much better than the Comfort Inn!

The crazy, large squirrel creature outside the window while I was eating breakfast!

Me and Ricki, our wonderful hostess!

Ricki and Pieter are originally from Holland. Now they are retired and live an awesome life in the mountains. They love to travel and have family all over the world, from Holland to Australia. Pieter was a geophysicist and Ricki volunteered at many places and raised their two kids. They are so interesting to talk to and some of the nicest people to have us stay in their home for three nights!

They are both warm and welcoming! I felt like Matt and I were staying at a Bed & Breakfast! Ricki made me breakfast each morning and had dinner for us at night. Matt stayed upstairs in the safari room.... which was very cool and the bed was up on a loft. I stayed in the executive suite downstairs! I had a great bedroom and bathroom. We were definitely spoiled for a few days with home cooked meals and lots of love!

On Wednesday Ricki took us around the town. She showed us some bison, elk and took us to Red Rocks. This is an amazing site to see. Red Rocks is an amplitheater built into the rocks in Golden. It was build in the 40's by the CCC (one of the organizations from brought about by the new deal). Many famous artists have performed here and now I have to put it on my list of things to do before I die! (there's your history lesson for the day)



Red Rocks

After Red Rocks we went to Dinosaur Ridge. Here we saw some dinosaur footprints and bones in the rocks. It was only three dollars and we had a personal tour guide. Totally worth it.

Who made these tracks? (that's what the sign says)

Dino Footprints

Thursday we explored the quaint town of Golden, Colorado. I think I may have to add this to my list of favorite cities, which also includes Chattanooga (thanks angel).

Picking the buffalo's nose... haha

What a cool bike rack!

We ate lunch at a cool little grill downtown (which I can't remember the name but it was good) then we went to the Coors Brewery to take a tour. It was totally free and you get a 45 minute tour with a guide and 3 beers at the end. The tour was very interesting.... but our tour guide had zero facial expression! She was probably about my age... very cute girl.... but did not crack a smile or change her demeanor at all! Not to be too critical- but let's be honest, my fellow mass communicators..... we know good communicators and bad communicators! She would be put in the latter of the two :) So other than our expressionless, monotone guide the tour was great!

We are pretty much wearing everything in the giftshop! 

So that was our awesome trip to Golden...
Also while at Ricki and Pieter's house I was able to skype with Matt's grandmother in Holland!! It was really neat to meet her! And I skyped with Matt's mom also... so I've pretty much met the whole family! :)  

Here are some more pictures from Golden!

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