14 February 2009


We drove all day Tuesday from Miami and actually stayed in atl that night. It was a only a brief overnight visit to the Comfort Inn & Suites at Turner Field. (note: don't stay there... it's kinda dirty and the elevator jumps like it's hanging from a bungee cord-yeah, lil' bit scary)

On Wednesday we arrived in Auburn. Luckily my friend, Cassidy let us stay at her apartment for the night, which was really awesome. It was good to see a friend and great to save some of our hotel budget money!

We worked the Auburn basketball game on Wednesday night. The crowd was slim and not too many people stopped by. But it was still fun to be there!

Thursday was by far the highlight of my Auburn visit. Cassidy and her friends had been talking about this crazy 'restaurant' (I use the term very loosely) nearby called Out of the Box. None of them had been there but they had all heard it described as "Not bad, not good... but weird." So of course we had to try it out.

It is described as a "peanut butter and cereal cafe." Yes, you heard me correctly... peanut butter and cereal.

Here's how it works

Choose your bread: I chose white, which would not normally be the route I would take but for a peanut butter sandwich it seemed like a good option!

Choose your peanut butter: So, you're probably thinking 'plain or crunchy'.... oh contraire, my dear friends. You choose from spicy, white chocolate, honey, maple syrup.... all together there are eight different options. I opted for the dark chocolate peanut butter (great choice).

Choose your Jelly/Marshmallow creme: My choice was the 'mallow creme (thank you Jenn for the inspiration)

Choose your toppings: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is when it gets interesting! You have your choice of two toppings from a pelethera of options, including but not limited to.... Skittles, Kit Kats, Fruity Pebbles, Special K with Red Berries and Apples... there were about 20 different cereals and 15 types of candy to put on this sandwich creation.

The five year old in me was screaming for Hersey Bars and Apple Jacks but my stomach and maturity level begged for bananas.... and won. Oh, and I got Crunch Bar chunks on the side.

So I enjoyed my dark chocolate peanut butter, marshmallow creme and banana sandwich, with a side of crunch bars while Matt scarfed down a white chocolate, raspberry jam, cocoa krispies and banana sandwich. And that was lunch. Yes, it was strange but also pretty good!

Matt's Sandwich Masterpiece

Me and Cassidy holding up the ginormous box of Apple Jacks

Luckily we had Matt there to carry the heavy box of cereal!

Cassidy's friend, Nik and his sandwich (equipped with Kit Kats)

Will I be back to Out of the Box? No, not likely.

Will I recommend it to others? Um, hello!? Yea! So if you're in Auburn... please, please- you must check it out!

After Auburn we headed to Birmingham for the Mercedes Marathon. We were set up in an auditorium where people picked up their race packets. It was like a expo/trade show. We were across from the Michelob Ultra people, next to a recycling group and diagonal from a runner's clothing store. We made up quite the corner of text messaging drinkers who recycled their beer cups and tried on running shoes!

The expo went well. We actually had our best event day thus far on Saturday. There were tons of kids who stopped by our booth to play games and download songs! We were definitely hoppin' at the Verizon Wireless booth!

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