17 February 2009

hunka, hunka burning love

Our plan on Monday morning was to wake up, get an oil change and head to Graceland to see the king's house by 11 a.m.!

Since our job is always unexpected and plans change constantly we woke up on Monday to find out that we had to get some computer work done. It was originally only supposed to take an hour... but it actually took six hours. By the time we finished at 3:00 we still had a conference call to attend.

After coming to terms with the fact that Graceland closes at 4 and we only had a few minutes to get there we realized our plans to see the king's house were not feasible. So, naturally we decided to still go to Graceland and take sad face pictures in front of the sign.  :(

We got there at around 3:50 and went into a souvenir shop. With frowns we told the lady working that we were totally bummed that we missed the last tour of the day. Well she ended up being a messenger sent from above!!  :)

The last tour didn't end at 4.... but yet it STARTED at 4!!! So we kicked it into high gear and ran to the ticket booth where we purchased the 'Graceland Platinum Tour' tickets!

I was seriously very excited that we made it in time to see Graceland!!  We toured his house, his airplanes and his cars.  It was such a neat thing to see!  ....And who doesn't like a little Elvis from time to time!

So click here  to see pictures from my Graceland visit!!

Also I have some very exciting news about my schedule!!

Of course it can always change, but as of right now we are on to Copper Mountain Colorado for a snowboarding competition. Then we go to CarnaVail, which is a Mardi Gras celebration in Vail. Then onto a Donovan Frankenrieter concert in Boulder. (He kinda has a Jack Johnson feel to his music, it's really good!)

After Colorado we're takin' this party further west to Cali for some Keith Urban concerts. One in San Fransico and the other in Hollywood!!

Yes, my job is awesome.... not to rub it in :)

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  1. ooooo... say hi to Keith for me! Looks like I need to make the trek over to good ole Memphis at some point...