15 February 2009

be mine <3

I really love Valentine's day! It's such a happy day filled with love, hearts and chocolate. Given mine was not so much love, hearts or chocolate but it was still good! In fact there was no chocolate.... wow, a day without chocolate... sadness.

And I definitely don't mind being single on Valentine's. I think it is a fun holiday no matter what. To me, the day is about loving others and being loved. I woke up to a few text messages (thanks Jared) and some video messages (thank you Jenn, Blair and Rebecca)! I also spoke with my mom and my closest friends.... there's plenty of love there to make my Valentine's great!

For Valentine's dinner Matt and I had a totally platonic, non-romantic dinner at O'Charley's! Rolls+Loaded Potato Soup+Riesling+ Salmon= great dinner! We were both stuffed and incredibly exhausted from working all day so we called it a night pretty early.

Me and Matt at O'Charley's

Our super nice waiter

And that is how I celebrated Valentine's Day 2009!

Now we are on the way to Memphis, Tennessee for the night... and hopefully to visit Graceland before we continue our journey west to Copper Mountain, Colorado. We will be working at a snowboarding competition there!!

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